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The African Magic Mushroom is a strain originating from South Africa. Originally it was harvested from hippopotamus found along the Orange River. Since then its spores have been collected and are now being grown in much more sanitary conditions. Although it is believed that indigenous tribes have been using the african magic mushroom in shamanic ceremonies for hundreds or even thousands of years, it first came to the attention of the wider psychedelic community in the early 2000s.

First rising to prominence in Transkei, in the Wild Coast region, the mushrooms quickly grew in popularity due to their strength and durability. The mushrooms themselves are small-to medium-sized, with a twisted stem. Over the course of their maturation, the caps develop in colour from a burnt orange colour to a pale, almost white hue. Sporulation causes the caps to take on a more purple/golden colour through bruising, resulting in a very beautiful and distinctive look.

As far as the effects when ingested, like many members of the psilocybe cubensis family, the African magic mushroom is noted to cause a heightened sense of euphoria, connectedness with nature, and feelings of empathy with others around you. This strain is especially popular among psychonauts who are looking to expand their horizons, and see the world from different perspectives they hadn’t considered before. For a more mild experience, we recommend a dosage from 0.5-2 grams. If you’re looking for a stronger trip, you can up your dosage from there – experienced users will sometimes take 5-7 grams at a time, although we definitely don’t recommend that for your first experience.


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