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The Albino Goldie magic mushrooms are a cross strain of the famous Golden Teachers and the less well-known Albino A+, and have largely eclipsed the latter in popularity. They are quite unique in appearance with their thin, torpid, white stems and smaller button caps. The stems take on a strong blue hue when bruised, and truly create a beautiful specimen.

They are known for providing more of a “body high”, lasting as long as five hours. In addition to reports of mood enhancement, euphoria and excitement, many users of the Albino Goldie report feelings of physical lightness and increased tactical sensation. For this reason, albino goldies are often preferred by those who are looking for more of an in-body experience. Albino Goldies can be enjoyed in a variety of environments ranging from hikes, long walks, or enjoyed with a consenting partner in the bedroom.

We typically recommend the albino goldie to more seasoned mushroom users; beginners might prefer to start with their related cousin the Golden Teacher. As far as dosage, for the Albino Goldie, you probably want to look at a smaller dosage on the 3-4g side to experience the full range of physical side effects, and scale up your dosage accordingly from there based on your own tolerance and the high you’re looking for.


1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/8 Oz

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