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The B+ Magic Mushroom is one of the most widely known mushrooms in the world. Next to the Golden Teacher, it is more popular than any other strain. They can be recognized by their long, thick, cylindrical stems and small “button” caps. Their origins can be traced back to the legendary “Mr. G”, of Florida. A dedicated mushroom cultivator, user and academic, the B+ strain blossomed in popularity due to its resilient nature and intense but relaxing high.

Often beginning with waves of lightness and euphoria, over the progression of your trip you may experience acute visual hallucinations (e.g. shimmering, colour distortion, waves, geometric patterns, etc.), as well as overall happiness and contentedness. On deeper trips, the visual hallucinations can increase greatly in intensity, and many users talk about spiritual side-effects as well: a feeling of deeper connection with God/existence/the universe is a common effect with larger doses.

Recommended doses for beginner users are anywhere from 2-4 grams, depending on the intensity of high desired. For more experienced users, Shroomsy recommends a 3-7 gram dose. Of course, you should always take the appropriate precautions if you’re taking a larger dose than you have before. Make sure you are in a safe space with minimal chance of intrusion. However, B+ Magic Mushrooms can be enjoyed quite thoroughly in more social environments as well. Regardless of your experience level, B+ Magic Mushrooms can provide an amazing experience. For those wondering how to get magic mushrooms in Canada, we highly recommend placing an order for B+ Magic Mushrooms through our page!


1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/8 Oz

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