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The Blue Meanie is an iconic member of the psilocybe cubensis family. The “blue” in the name comes from the signature blue bruising present on both the stems and the caps, and the “meanie” in the name refers to its potent psilocybin content. This shroom packs a punch! Blue Meanies originated in the Western United States, and their ability to thrive in damper, cooler climates, allowed for them spread widely through the Pacific Northwest, and eventually make their way into Canada by way of Vancouver.

The Blue Meanie high can be a strong one, depending on the dosage. For beginner users, we recommend a dosage of anywhere from 2.5-4 grams, but experienced users may want to increase that dosage if they’re looking to experience the full range of euphoric sensations, visual hallucinations, and revelatory powers of the mushroom.

We recommend taking blue meanies either by themselves, mixed in powders or taken as capsules, but as with all mushrooms, we do not recommend mixing them with any other drugs. This is both to control the range of side-effects, as well as to make sure the high of the Blue Meanie is appreciated in full.


1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/8 Oz

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