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The Mexicana Magic Mushroom is one of the oldest-known strains, and records of its usage by humans for its psychedelic properties date back thousands of years. When Hernan Cortez landed in Mexico from Spain and made first contact with Aztec peoples, his reports included comments on a mushroom the natives called “nahuatl”, roughly translating into “the flesh of god.” The aztec ruling class would ingest the mushroom, and then engage in long nights of dancing, laughing, crying, and staring at the stars. Apparently they believed that ingesting the mexicana magic mushroom in the right conditions would bring them closer to God.

Eventually, samples of the mexicana made their way back to Europe via merchants travelling back-and-forth from Spain. Dr. Albert Hoffman was the first person to isolate the psilocybin compound working with Mexicanas from his laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. Mexicanas are not the most visually striking – thing, twisted white stems and smaller brown button nose,  but they pack a potent punch.

Common side effects include euphoria, sensations of lightness, and deepened sense of spiritual connectedness and/or connectedness with nature or the people around you. We recommend a dose from 1-2g for beginners, and a stronger dose of 3.5-5g may be appropriate for more experienced users.


1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/8 Oz

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